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Tool Kit


These Kits include all the creative items needed & some of our favourites used to complete these kits.


Basic Tool Kit

Cutting Mat, Scissors, Craft Knife& Paper Trimmer
Black, Brown & White Pens, Pencil & Ruler
Brayer, Spatula, Paint Brush
Distressing Tool, Sanding block/paper
Awl/ Paper Piercer, Stylus, Push Pad
Water Spray, Tweezers, Craft Pliers
Black & Brown Ink (permanent & non permanent)
Ink Applicators
Black, White & Brown paint
Gesso, Texture Paste
Glue, Double Sided Tape & 3D Foam Tape

Details Tool Kit

Jewellery pliers, Tweezers, Bone folders
Push pads, Files, Paper Piecers, Needles

Optional Extras Kit

Palette knife, Heat gun, Craft mat/sheet
Texture paste, Texture stamps, Stamp Blocks
Stencils, Water brush pen, Pipettes